The California Healthcare Performance Information System (CHPI) is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, public benefit corporation.

Through our Board and Advisory Committees, our operations and methods are informed by input from industry experts and stakeholders including healthcare purchasers, consumers, providers, and health plans. This collaborative works to provide trustworthy information to help the public and healthcare purchasers find high quality, high value healthcare.

CHPI is building the most robust healthcare database in the State of California. It combines data on the healthcare experiences of more than 12 million people from health plans and Medicare to evaluate the quality and efficiency of medical services. CHPI's current activities build upon six years of performance measurement work conducted by health plans and the Pacific Business Group on Health through the California Physician Performance Initiative. These organizations collected data from Medicare and three private health plans to measure and report the performance of more than 10,000 physicians statewide.

The expertise of the collaborating organizations is recognized by the federal government, which has designated CHPI as a Medicare Qualified Entity.

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